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This checklist explains common reasons why Internet connections can be slow and how to fix them without needing to have a college degree in networks.Now this is the interesting part: I connected my windows 7 laptop directly to an XP computer using a crossover cable, and now file copying works fine.I copied the XP SATA and LAN drivers from my new pc motherboard disc to an usb stick.Then I have copied the same file from windows 7 to windows XP.Still would like to know why this happens or what is causing it.

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As a test I disabled the integrated, and installed an Intel PCIe ethernet,.SAME PROBLEM.All above was done with the integrated 1GB ethernet in my system.Tried downgrading to nForce drivers from version 15.51 to 15.35 - no improvement 13.

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Taking your advice first, I disabled on the one PC that is was and my whole intranet ground to a halt (almost).Home Windows 10 Windows 10 Mobile Previous versions MDOP Surface Surface Hub Library Forums.

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What I did to solve this W7 shittynes was to remove the windows 7 factor.Windows Vista has a bug where when copying, moving, transferring or deleting files or folders, the file operation may take a very long time and very slow to complete.

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Quick Fixes and Troubleshooting Tips From Hassle. your network will be up and running again,.I have tried every solution I could find searching these post, yet nothing has resolved the slow file transfer problem.

What was taking hours to copy from Win7 Pro to an XP sp3 system now takes a minute or two.Answered Question. MPLS VPN. pc2pc on the remote LAN are fine but a pc on the remote lan to a pc in the datecenter is also slow.

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The offline files feature I believe is what causes this bug, but not sure.Share This: Now that Windows 10 has been out for a while, many users are.

I.e. if the internet connection is active on the PC that files are being copied from then I get the symptoms above.

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I have to assume that Win 8 drivers were available for your hardware LAN and you installed them accordingly.I have had this problem for MONTHS between a Server 2008 machine and Windows 7 Business machine.No solution I could find on google for 3 hours worked for me.

For the diversity of the reasons causing slow network, to troubleshoot slow network is one of the most common and troublesome.I am having same problem as original poster and have done most of the same steps.Some of the changes listed above appeared to work for a few moments.I have tried disabling (actually completely uninstalling) my anti virus (AVG Free) with no result.

Either using the gigabit card or wireless card I can get 700-800K downloads from the internet (max my ADSL can handle) but transfers on my network between either an XP laptop, Win7 x64 ultimate or my DNS323 NAS max out at 150K and are normally around 100K.The post by Stan17 proved helpful, but I felt it was worth exploring which of the many settings he disabled was the culprit (realizing it could have been a combination).Copying from samba was lightning fast, while copying to the samba share was dog slow.

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I was experiencing similar problems, and my fix was a mirror of what you did.I have the exact same problem on a toshiba laptop running windows 7 64bit on my network.Actually, some cables may even slow down your internet connection.

HELLO ALL, I am facing problem since last couple of weeks in my network.Computer and select Properties Under Control Panel Home located on the left side of the window click on.However I have major performance issues with network file transfer (for backup).IPv6 protocol, better remove it under network connection properties.Have you ruled out any CPU utilization issues, such as disabling anti-virus or other background processes.Also tried copying via apps like GBridge, since the RDP seems to run smoothly, but it gave the same result, nada.Updated on 2014-10-09 Disclaimer This question is similar to Unexplained slow gigabit network speeds but because the latter is still unanswered after 5 years, and.Some disks are pretty lame and barely keep the 1GbE link at 33%.

I was able to test using FTP between my windows PCs and see a small increase in transfer rates, but it is still well below what it should be.Having read lots of Forums and suggestions I tried disabling everything on the Network Adaptor.I have been trying to resolve my network speed problems for about a week now.The Networking tab of the Windows Task Manager showed only 3-5% Network Utilization.I have seen many with this issue (and probably a lot more that goes unreported from clueless users).What finally worked for me was enabling jumbo frames in the advanced network settings of my router.